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Unemployed Philosophers Guild - Leonardo Da Vinci Little Thinker

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Studies have proven that children develop the characteristics of their toys. Show us a teenaged couch potato, and we'll show you someone who played with Mr. Potato Head in earlier years. Show us a group of girls in a shopping mall trying on outfit after outfit (all the while standing on their toes) and we'll bet they all fawned over their Barbie dolls. With this scientific knowledge in mind, we strongly advise that you purchase a Leonardo da Vinci Little Thinker Doll for your kids. Leonardo was the most versatile genius of the Renaissance: a painter, a sculptor, a scientist, an engineer, and a semi-pro bocce ball player. Imagine having Leonardo da Vinci around to mentor and guide your child (or your inner child, for that matter). The Little Thinker stands about 11 inches high and is dressed in Renaissance period attire with a long white beard. Snatch that My Little Pony out of your kids' hands and give them a Leonardo da Vinci Doll before it's too late!