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Today is Art Day - Pin - Woman with Parasol - Monet

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Quantity: 5 units Wholesale: $5.95/unit MSRP: $11.95/unit Woman with Parasol by Claude Monet - Soft Enamel Pin - 1.25" - 6 colors - One black rubber clutch - Backer card (90 x 52 mm) - Transparent bag with hole About Woman with a Parasol In Woman with a Parasol – Madame Monet and Her Son (1875), Claude Monet demonstrates that he is as talented a figure portraitist as a landscape artist. He captures his wife and son in an unexpected moment while walking on a windy summer’s day. Sunlight shines upon her back, while shades of yellow from the flowers below dapple her front. His signature light and spontaneous brushwork create splashes of color across the canvas: the green of the meadow is reflected in the underside of her parasol; the billowing clouds and swirling skirt of Madame Monet provide a sense of movement against the static figure of Jean, his son, set in background for depth.