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A Dangerous New World: Maine Voices on the Climate Crisis


A Dangerous New World: Maine Voices on the Climate Crisis is an anthology of work by 65 writers and 27 artists who responded to a call for essays, poetry and art work on the effects of climate change – on their lives, their communities, their families, and their futures. The resulting collection is a many-layered and complex mosaic of voices and visions, of thoughtful appraisals, careful observations, emotional responses, and scientific analyses. We see changes along the coast through the eyes of lobstermen and clammers, changes in the woods through the eyes of forest walkers and birders, images of natural beauty and its devastation through the work of poets, painters, photographers, installation artists, and sculptors. Throughout the book, these writers and artists share their deep sense of the danger that lies ahead, and their understanding of what can and must be done to prevent greater disasters to our land, our waters, our air, our forests, and our animals. Edited by Meghan Sterling and Kathleen Sullivan with a Foreword by Governor Janet Mills.

“Maine encompasses all the ecosystems– from seafloor to alpine peak – that are being scoured by the corrosive force of climate change – and this book is a reminder that people who love these places and communities will not surrender them easily.” – Bill McKibben

“Scientists have been trying to alert us to the unfolding climate crisis for decades. In A Dangerous New World, Maine’s artists join the fray, elucidating what is at stake for our state, its people, and their way of life in words that reach the hearts as well as the mind.” – Colin Woodard

Soft cover
153 pages including 38 in color