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N. C. Wyeth's Maine Notecard Folio


Remembered by many as the illustrator of such classics as Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe, in 1930 N C Wyeth began summering on the Maine coast. Local residents can speak to the accuracy of the landscapes and seascapes he produced in the state. Two years after arriving, he painted the two artworks in this folio, one of which depicts his home, titled Eight Bells in a tip of the cap to Winslow Homer. The Maine settings highlight cozy inlets that unfold as worlds unto themselves. Appropriately for this illustrator, he captures the fairytale quality of the state known as “Vacationland.”

Contains 5 each of the following images:

Herring Gut, 1932
Untitled (View of Eight Bells), c. 1932

Published with Brandywine River Museum