Bell Earrings


Cat Bates fabricates each pair of Bell earrings from wire, tubing, and thin sheet brass. They are very light.  When worn the 'Bell' sways freely on the ear wire.

The "Bell" of these earrings is made from flat sheet brass. The sheet is first textured, then soldered into a wide tube. The solder seam is left raw.  This tube is then formed over a mandrel, to give it an angular form and to increase it's rigidity. The ear wire is made. Then the fitting for the ear wire is cut out and the ear wire is set.   

Cat Bates grew up spending his summers on Monhegan Island and his winters in a rustic cabin in Palermo, Maine. The brutality and beauty of nature became an essential part of his aesthetic and world view. His designs often reference hardware found in sailboats, as well as natural forms and geometry. His jewelry built to be durable, and to be worn often.