Abelardo Morell


Richard B. Woodward

A ret­ro­spec­tive of Morell’s career: 105 pho­tographs span­ning 30 years. Pho­tographs by Abelardo Morell. Intro­duc­tion by Richard Wood­ward. TF Edi­tores, Spain. Phaidon Press, Lon­don. English/Spanish/French Publication.

Abelardo Morell’s cam­era trans­forms the recesses of the world into some­thing even more shad­owy. The fact that what he finds in these shad­ows is quite ordi­nary — books, kids’ toys, a paper bag — makes the results mag­i­cally dis­ori­ent­ing and (as in the cover image of a vase perched on the edge of a table) pre­car­i­ous. This year, a fan­tas­tic selec­tion of his work was pub­lished, “Abelardo Morell.” —Geoff Dyer

Favorite Books of 2005, L.A. Times


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